Human history is littered with the wreckage of our differences; a plague of insanity, jealousy, and contempt. DeathCrawl is the soundtrack to this hopeless cycle of boom and bust.

Rooted in the Northeast Ohio metal underground, the band was founded by "BigMetal" Dave Johnson and Jason Luchka. Johnson, a well-known figure in the Cleveland scene, made a name for himself by playing bass in a number of iconic Cleveland bands, including hardcore/metal legends Ascension and his current duties with thrash-assassins Soulless. He also played on and/or engineered recordings from Son of Jor-El, King Travolta, and Fistula. Luchka had been huddled in Akron-area basements jamming obscure rock and roll with The Gingerdead Men and These Lakes, These Graves.

After a few drummers came and went, the two settled in on DeathCrawl with Johnson on drums and Luchka on bass. The talents of Damon Gregg (A Better Lie, Pistols at Dawn, Pirates of the Cuyahoga) were enlisted on guitar in November 2006 and DeathCrawl was officially born. It was decided that no frontman was needed, as the trio would each share in a diverse vocal attack.

The initial aesthetic of depressingly slow, low-tuned, crusty doom eventually gave way to include mid-tempo grooves, progressive riffs, and even grindcore elements as DeathCrawl evolved. By spring of 2008, the band had written, recorded, designed, and released their first album, 'The End is Not Near Enough.' Described by some as epic and others as unrelenting, the album set the tone for the type of apocalyptic sludge DeathCrawl favored. The release of the album coincided with the band's foray into the local club scene, decimating eardrums from Pittsburgh to Cleveland to Columbus. They have since shared the stage with a varied list of bands including Black Tusk, Keelhaul, and A Storm of Light.

The trio recorded their follow-up EP during the winter months of 2009 for a label that went silent, ultimately self-releasing "This is the Way the World Ends" in the fall of 2010. DeathCrawl was also invited to contribute to "This is Good: A Tribute to Black Flag" on Land O' Smiles Records, also released in late 2010.

2012 sees the completion of "Accelerated Rate of Decay", the second full-length record from DeathCrawl.  A step forward both sonically and musically, this slab of apocolyptic nihilism will pummel your soul.  Once again, a complete DIY affair, written, recorded, and layout concieved by the band.   The CD is available starting October 16th, 2012.

"BigMetal" Dave Johnson: Drums. Throat. Nord.
Damon "the Damonowskivich" Gregg: Guitar. Throat.
Jason Luchka: Bass. Throat. Moog. Accordian.